The Dambusters v1.6 APK+OBB

The Dambusters v1.6 APK+OBB

Name: The Dambusters
Platform: Android
Requires: 2.3
Type: Game
Version: 1.6

The Dambusters v1.6 apk for android, The Dambusters full v1.6 apk latest version, download the game The Dambusters v1.6, v1.6 down The Dambusters apk, free download The Dambusters v1.6 Android APK. Overview: Chaps Chocks Away! A secret weapon, an eccentric inventor, a daring mission and an elite squad - the story of the incredible bouncing bomb sounds like a Hollywood script, but what really happened.

The Dambusters App offers an authentic experience that gives people the opportunity to interact with the legendary raid Operation Chastise. - Wg Cdr Keith Taylor OC 617 Sqn
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The Dambusters is 3D flying game inspired by the famous WW2 mission.
To complete the mission should fly through Holland to West Germany, bombard large dams of the Ruhr valley and return to England. Each Lancaster bomber carrying a secret weapon 4 tons Maintenance code-named, also known as the bouncing bomb.

The Dambusters v1.6 APK+OBB

As with the historical event, it will have only 19 aircraft (and pump 19) to destroy the three reservoirs and pumps should be dropped from an exact height and distance from the dam to mission success.

The three dams, Mohne, Eder and Sorpe and surrounding landscapes are recreated accurately. The accuracy required to fly at a very low level to achieve the objectives, the fall of the pump (with the famous double projectors to measure height) and break the dikes.

Smooth and intuitive introduction to fly the plane, with several levels of difficulty for all levels, the Dambusters App takes players on a journey back to the night of May 16, 1943, recreating one of the most daring raids tilt and emblematic of the Second World War.

  • Accurate 3D landscapes for the three dams
  • Realistic 3D physics
  • 4 levels of difficulty from Easy to Extreme
  • Practice mode available for the three dams
  • Mission Control is a retro-immersive 3D desktop
  • Fractal Shader water

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