Battlefield Combat Black Ops v2.1.0 APK (MEGA MOD)

Battlefield Combat Black Ops v2.1.0 APK (MEGA MOD)

Name: Battlefield Combat Black Ops
Platform: Android
Requires: 2.3
Type: Game
Version: 2.1.0
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This is your place. That's where you live. That's what you master.

You were a trained and murderer for the Imperial Government sniper. As a gifted child, you were taken from their parents at a very young age, and then trained in special facilities to become the perfect weapon. Mercilessly. A killing machine without feelings and without remorse. Failure was not an option.

But you could not.

Something went wrong on your first mission. As a command, he had to assault a place full of terrorists and rebellious people kill everybody inside ... but no terrorists. Only civilians and children, whose only fault was being in the wrong place. You could not shoot, so flee. His teammates were not as scrupulous as you and all the people killed. The cries of the children still haunt you.

Now you are a murderer hired hidden in the shadows, followed by the government and a bounty on his head. Black Operations section are your enemies, and no one knows better than you. His rifle is ready.

Black Battlefield Combat Operations is the largest first-person shooter ever made for Android. As an expert sniper, destroy your enemies and gain revenge.

- Different weapons, customizable and extensible
- Bazookas, rail guns, machine guns, sniper rifles and weapons are available to you!? - Realistic shot his gun - More than 70 scenarios carefully designed - Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices - Build your own base!? - Easy to learn, hard to master - free.

What's new
  • Very reworked GUI.
  • XP added bonus for reloading.
  • HeadShot effects.

Battlefield Combat Black Ops v2.1.0 APK (MEGA MOD)

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